"That was a picture perfect place for their wedding, what a unforgettable day and party this was."

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What we do, is very different from all other wedding and reception venues in Michigan and everywhere else for that matter. The idea behind Think Outside was to have your guests feel like they have been invited to a private waterfront paradise to celebrate your marriage.

Let's talk about the weather.

The first question your friends and family are going to ask is "What are you going to do if it rains?" I think that just for the "fun and shock value" you should answer that question with "then we'll call the whole thing off and go our seperate ways. It just wasn't meant to be." But that's just my sense of humor.

Our Back-Up Plan 

Let's talk about the drive.

The first complaint you are going to hear is "Oh, that's so far away." The answer to that is: "No it isn't." You can get to the Mackinac Bridge faster than you can get to Traverse City, Charlevoix and Petoskey from most of Southeastern Michigan.

Come visit us and see what fun your wedding could be.  

Where can my guests stay?

Up to 30 friends or family members can stay at our place. The rest of your guests can stay in any of the 1500 hotel and motel rooms within 8 miles of us.

Your wedding will be an adventure and a vacation for your guests. 

It's scary and time consuming searching for the perfect Destination Wedding and Reception Venue in northern Michigan. But, it doesn't have to be, have everyone come to where you are staying to celebrate.

Most weddings and receptions are just plain ordinary! If you have been to one wedding and reception you already know what every other wedding and reception, you'll ever attend, is going to be like. Think about all the weddings and receptions you've been to. Now, be honest with yourself, how much do you remember about the uniqueness of the setting of the wedding or reception? If you want your wedding and reception to be about the same as the last one you attended then just about any place that has your date available will do. There are thousands of places where you can have an ordinary wedding and reception. Every wedding coordinator that you talk with is really a sales rep, in disguise, and their all going to say "come have your wedding here, it's the prefect place for you. We have the highest standards, the best value and excellent service. These coordinator make the same claims that every other wedding venue makes. They are all making the same claims and saying the some things. They have to in order to keep their jobs. Not one of them can prove that their claims are true. Best value and excellent service can only be defined by you. "Think Outside” on the northern shore of Lake Michigan may not be the prefect place for your wedding and reception, especially if you want ordinary, same old thing that everybody else has! In fact, if you want a typical wedding and reception, Think Outside is not the wedding and reception venue for you. Think Outside is a boutique waterfront destination wedding and reception venue located on the northern shores of Lake Michigan in the Straits of Mackinac. What we do at Think Outside is very different from all other wedding and reception places in Michigan and everywhere else for that matter. The idea behind Think Outside was to have your guests feel like they have been invited to a private waterfront paradise to celebrate your marriage. Think Outside Weddings and Receptions isn't just about creating a memorable wedding for the 2 of you. It's about creating a northern Michigan wedding experience, that is unique, special and unforgettable. A wedding for the 2 of you and a mini-vacation and celebration for your guests. Here are just a few of the details you won’t find any where else. Think Outside is completely private, it’s a fifteen acre, park like setting, it has over one thousand feet of waterfront on Lake Michigan with a one hundred and sixty five foot private pier. We only allow one wedding and reception per weekend. There aren’t any other brides or parties going on around or near your wedding or reception. No one else's guests or noise is going to interrupt your celebration. We are limited, by the summer season, to about 16 weddings a year. There are five separate and different areas where your wedding ceremony can take place, and endless ways to set up your ceremony in each of the 5 areas. No two ceremonies ever look or feel alike. There are 4 guest cottages, the bridal party or family members can stay on site, eliminating all travel time to the ceremony, then to the reception, allowing you more time to enjoy your guests. Everyone comes to you. The park like setting gives you endless backdrops for pictures all day long, including sunset. Maybe that is why a picture from our place was on the cover of The Knots "Destination Wedding Book" and Up North Bride. Your wedding and reception takes place all in one place. No one is late to the reception because they got lost. Your wedding celebration takes place over a few days and nights, not a few hours. Up to 200 of your guests can attend your wedding and reception. The two of you, can return to Think Outside and spend the night every year for free. Think Outside has alway been about creating memorable moments and fun. I originally purchased it as corporate retreat so that my employees could play and have fun, any time they needed a break from the stress of life. The stress of the everyday grind disappears when you're here. The abundance of clean air, clear water that goes on forever and the untouched wilderness that surrounds Think Outside just seems to dissipate the stress of modern day life. Many friends and associates question why I work so hard at producing weddings, they know I don’t have to work. The truth is, Think Outside is too pretty of a place not to share. My Mom taught me to share my toys, just like your Mom taught you to share. Think Outside is one of my toys. Allowing special couples, like you, to have their wedding and reception at Think Outside is one of the ways I follow my moms instructions, “Jim, share your toys.” Plus, I am a romantic at heart, I love the feeling I get from playing a part in making your wedding celebration special, fun and memorable. Having your wedding and reception at Think Outside is the best way to insure that your wedding day will be remembered and cherished by you and your guests forever. If you truly want a unique wedding experience call me at 906-643-8621. You’ll have all of your guests, when they get home, telling their friends, “We were at the coolest wedding and reception this weekend, it was so much fun, it’s the best wedding we’ve ever been to.” Think Outside Weddings is open from Memorial Day Weekend until the first weekend in October. We only have about 16 weekends for wedding each year.