If you are truly concerned about the weather you shouldn’t have an outside wedding and reception here or anywhere. But if you have your heart set on having a wedding by the lake Think Outside is a perfect setting for an outside wedding and reception.
I’ll put in an order for white puffy clouds and sunshine for your wedding just as soon as you book your date with us.IMG_2671

We’ve done over 170 weddings of them in our first 11 seasons in that time we have only had to move 2 wedding ceremonies under the reception tent. Every other wedding ceremony has been by the waterfront just like it was planned.

Our 3200sq. ft. reception tent is our “Plan B.” If it is raining we can move the wedding ceremony under the tent. Our “Plan C” is to wait for it to stop raining and do the ceremony then. And our “Plan D” would be to move everything to our inside location.

Check the Weather http://www.weather.com/activities/events/weddingsIMG_0822